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  1. Hi. I'm trying to model a water main burst on a 36" trunk main, currently I've used an "ST" boundary type and a 1m model grid. The problem I'm having is that I don't think TUFLOW is taking into consideration and velocity the water is coming out of the ground and therefore the localized depth, is there a more suitable boundary type? Cheers
  2. Hi. Carrying on from Yesterday,, I need to run a number of old client supplied models. Ideally, I want to avoid make too many changes to the model and would prefer to run with an older version of TUFLOW. Since my company has recently changed to a Network licence I cannot simpley point the .tcf at the older .exe. Therefore, a friend suggested trying the .tcf command, "Model TUFLOW Release == " Can anyone add any further information regarding this, I have tried, Model TUFLOW Release == 2008-08-AB as a test and received the following error; ERROR 0012 - TUFLOW Release different to that specified by "Model TUFLOW Release ==". Running = 2013-12; Specified = 2008-08-AB
  3. Hi. I've picked up a model from a client which has run been run previously, maybe back in 2007, but now when I'm running it I'm receiving the following error; ERROR 2036 - Trying to apply a S boundary to a 2D cell already assigned a link or a H or Q boundary. Can anyone let me know if this is an issue arising from using a newer version of the software and can anyone please let me know what I can do to fix the error?
  4. Mods. Sorry, I've managed to post this 3 times although being informed the connection had timed out. Can someone delete two of them.
  5. Hi. I'm trying to include a French drain style of structure in TUFLOW. I don't want to represent this as a ditch in my ground model as it's not how it will work in reality. Is there anyway I can model my French drain (ditch filled with gravel with a perforated pipe in the bottom) in TUFLOW. I don't need it to be 100% accurate, just representative. I essentially just want a line that suck flow off the grid! The way I wanted to do this, which I've tried and failed, is to model a pipe (150mm) in the NWK layer. I added a vertices every 1m and added an SX point thinking those may work as a find of drain linking the 2d to the 1d. This failed, as they weren't either on the end of the pipe or attached via a CN line. Can anyone suggest a way I can do this? Any examples? Cheers, Mark.
  6. Hi, My tuflow model suffers from gaps in the results as per the attached image, these gaps appear to occur upstream of where the message files shows the following: CHECK 2099 - Ignored repeat application of boundary to 2D cell. BC Type = HX CHECK 1152 - For channel L11c, using centre cross-section and ignoring end cross-section(s). Has anyone else suffered from the same problem? Thanks, Mark