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  1. Is the TUFLOW to GIS fully compatible with XMDF formats? I have batch outputted the typed, typev and typeh but am struggling with the hazard. I've tried a few combinations of typezuk0, typeZUK0, typeZUKO but with no success. Does the tool recognise the zuk0 output? Also will it recognise the onset and duration of flooding commands? thanks,
  2. We have been using the output XMDF command and we have had quite a few model failures as a result. The error message that is given is as follows: ERROR - Could not open XMDF output file. XMDF File = Porlock_001_240_10_Q75ww.xmdf; XMDF Error = -4002 We had one failure whilst trying to view the XMDF file in SMS during the model run which interrupted the output but most other failures have been through the night, presumably due to network glitches. Our models are running in batch and when one of these failures occurs the DOS window remains open so the next run in the batch does not start. Does the flag you can add to the batch file to force the next simulation to commence also work with this error message? Also is there any other way to reduce these errors other than running on a local drive? thanks,
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