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  1. I was using the 2009 Build, but will definitely switch to the newer version. Thanks for the help Bill!
  2. Ok, I copied the contents of what I had typed in notepad into Word, and although it showed no difference in notepad, it copied in as long dashes in Word. Why does it change them to long dashes after the first line, even though I had typed it Notepad?
  3. In addition, the first file worked without any issues, but it started to prompt for the time from the second file onwards, and also output the grid as 5m instead of 10m
  4. Hi Bill, I was also trying to set up a TUFLOW_to_GIS batch file, with the following: TUFLOW_to_GIS.exe -asc –grid10 –t99999 -b x_Q20_PostCl-11_d.dat TUFLOW_to_GIS.exe -asc –grid10 –t99999 -b x_Q20_PostCl-12_d.dat TUFLOW_to_GIS.exe -asc –grid10 –t99999 -b x_Q20_PostCl-13_d.dat However, it prompts me to enter the timestep for every file. How do I fix it so that it is fully automated? I've noticed that in the panel, it reads in as TUFLOW_to_GIS.exe -asc u^grid10 u^t99999 -b Savannah_Total_Q20_PostCl-11_d.dat This might suggest it is a problem with small and large dashes, but I've checked it and it doesn't seem to be this issue.... Cheers, Arun
  5. Yes it does, from the start time to the end time....
  6. Hi David, I'm not quite sure what you mean? I removed the -t99999 switch, and then when it asked me to specify a time instead, I entered "99999", after which it said "time not found" and then it reprinted all of the available times. If I hit enter after that, it closes the dialogue box... Cheers, Arun
  7. Hi David, I tried to do it as you suggested, but it still says "time not found" then asks me to reenter the time required. Thanks for the help though. Cheers, Arun
  8. Hi, I seem to be having trouble extracting the maximum flow from my results x_q.dat file. Whenever I try using the -t99999 statement, it states "time cannot be found". I am still able to extract the maximum for the depth and velocity, just not the flow. Does anyone know how to fix this? Cheers, Arun
  9. I've had the same issue happen to me as well on two runs. The simulation finishes and then states "Run Finished", but doesn't write out the final results file for some reason. The last line is: "Note - Continuing will reset simulation counter." I am running it off my c: drive and as far as I am aware, the dongle is not a network license. I have enough space left on my HDD, and it only has happened to me a few times. On another note, I've had a couple of instances where I get an ERROR 2233 - the -slp setting on the TUFLOW dongle was changed during the simulation What does that mean?
  10. Hi, I'm having an issue that I need some help with. I have two x_h.dat files for two different storm durations. I want to combine the two durations - get the maximum WL - into the same .tab file (1m grid) so I have the maximum water level at each point over the model study area for that particular ARI. I also want the resultant data file to identify the storm duration each maximum came from. I thought that using dat_to_dat to generate this would be the best option, and then I could Tuflow_to_GIS the resultant .dat file into a .mif and create the .tab from that. However, I can't seem to get this to work. I input this into the dat_to_dat: dat_to_dat.exe -max -t99999 x_Q100_2H_h.dat x_Q100_15min_h.dat And then this into TUFLOW_to_GIS: TUFLOW_to_GIS.exe -mif -grid1 x_Q100_2H_h(maxmax).dat But I seem to get a corrupted mif at the end that I can't import into MapInfo. Can someone please suggest a solution? Cheers, Arun
  11. Thanks David, How do we maximise the inlet capacity of the pit? Do we increase the Number_of to give us more pits, or do we increase the Conn_No to draw more flow into the pit? We are trying to create a 1D/2D connection with maximum inlet capacity to model pipe capacity. i.e. we want to get as much water in as we can at that location. What is the maximum number of pit connections we can have?
  12. Hi, I am trying to link 1D/2D at pits using "SX" Connection type, and assign maximum inlet capacity to the pit channels of type "R". Can somebody please explain the difference between using "Conn_No" and "Number_of" within the 1D_network? Additional Information: Cell Size = 2m Pit widths = 2m, 2.4m, 3m Please note that previous runs have produced the following error when using pit width = 2.4m, a Conn_No = 9, and a Number_of = 10. When trying to maximimise the inlet capacity at specific locations. XY: WARNING 2215 - Exceeded limit of 2D cells connected to 1D pit object. Limit of connected cells = 10; Pit Width = 24.; Number Cells Wanted = 13 This Warning was produced for numerous pits having similar 1D network parameters. Any assistance would be very much appreciated
  13. Hi Guys, Thanks for the help! A colleague of mine managed to figure out what was going wrong, and we corrected it. Cheers
  14. Hi, I'm having some issues with running Tutorial Module 3, where I am getting the following errors: ERROR 2024 - Could not find a 1D node snapped to a CN Line ERROR 2065 - Unresolvable connections to 1D nodes These are popping up in a number of locations. Whilst I am still learning the program, someone who has had experience with it has tried to fix the issues but still can't remove the errors. I was wondering if anyone has had similar issues, and if so, what they did to resolve it? Thanks
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