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  1. Hi, You need to use the -max command for dat_to_dat.exe (see section 11.3 from the TUFLOW manual). It will produce another .dat file which can then be processed through TUFLOW_to_GIS.exe except this time you'll be looking for timestep 111111 as this is the maximum value within a dat file that has been produced from dat_to_dat.exe. Cheers Brett
  2. Thanks Phillip, that worked a treat.
  3. Oh, I can't believe I missed that in the manual. I'll have a read and go from there. Thanks to everyone for their help.
  4. Thanks. But I have to admit that I had no idea that a 1D flood map could be produced. How is that done? The only way I can think of would be to export all the 1D nodes with xyz (z being the maximum water level) and using the river polygons from the inactive area as an extent to produce a grid. Or is there some easier way? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Great to hear. Is this likely to happen soon? Also, is this same buffering technique the only way to fill in results in the empty 1D area of the model results? I've looked around the forum and can't find anything related so the work around is either really obvious or nobody bothers. Al and I are producing flood depth figures for a very large model and the empty areas where the 1D channel is will probably draw some questions.
  6. This might be of interest to some people although it doesn't answer the original poster's question. Recently, I undertook a test of a number of open source text editors (plus a few others) to see if I could find an alternative to UltraEdit. I had a trial of the program and it was due to expire so I wanted to see what my options were. Occasionally I need to be able open very large files which (so far) UltraEdit has done easily and quickly so I thought I start my test there. I created a 1,089,861 Kb file with 26,000,000 rows by converting a grid file for one of our projects to an xyz format. Yes, the test is probably a little extreme but I have in the past used files with over 10,000,000 rows so, for me, the test was necessary. UltraEdit opened the file fine. The programs I tested were: jedit v4.3.2 gedit v2.30.1 scite v2.21 Editra v0.5.72 PSPad v4.5.4 Notepad ++ v5.7 EditPlus v3.20 SuperEdi v4.3.1 Windows Notepad v6.1 Cream v0.42 While some of the programs seemed quite good only Cream was able to actually open the file successully. But it was too slow to work with. Obviously, this is only one very small part of what you'd need a text editor for but given the outcome I stopped my test there and ended up buying a licence for UltraEdit...
  7. Hello, Does anyone know how to do this with SAGA GIS, Quantam GIS or, at a stretch Grass GIS (which I don't really know how to use very well)? If so could you point me in the right direction? I'm mainly interested in how to do the buffer successfully, I (think I) know how to do the rest. Cheers Brett
  8. Hi Phillip, The earlier attempt I made was similar to yours but I used the -t command with no number so it would ask me which timestep I was interested in. So all four entries are different (and are named differently) and, I hope, no conflict should arise there. However to be on the safe side i removed the earlier entries. I left your line for ultraedit in the .reg file. At the moment, if I right click on a .dat file I find that UltraEdit is still an option to select from but I think that's only because it's integrated into explorer for a number of file types. I only have UltraEdit associated with .uenc files (there was no UltraEdit.dat entry in the regisrty). I tried loading up UltraEdit and disabling the integration with Explorer, reloading the .reg file to see if that made a difference but it didn't. So I've reintegrate UltraEdit with Explorer. Thanks for trying. Cheers Brett
  9. Hi Phillip, Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I have that exact entry in the registry except that it looks to the path where I'm storing the TUFLOW_to_GIS.exe. There's the two entries from your direct .reg file and two others i attempted the first time. Given that the registry has been successfully added to there must be some way to get Windows 7 to stop ignoring it? Cheers Brett
  10. Hi, I've tried to get this to work a few times on my Windows 7 64bit machine but not had any luck. The only change I made to the text file was to change the extension to .reg and to change the two file paths for TUFLOW_to_GIS.exe to where I store it on the C drive. Windows 7 says that it has added the contents to the registry but when I try it I don't get the options appear. I've tried rebooting but no luck. Any suggestions? Cheers Brett
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