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  1. Hi all, apologies in advance if this is in the wrong section. I am currently working with a model running on Tuflow 2020 that utilises sub grid sampling. I have: A 1m DEM Specified "Cell Size == 20" as well as "SGS Sample Distance == 1" in the TGC Specified "Grid Output Cell Size == 1" in the TCF I've only been using Tuflow for a couple of weeks so I'm pretty inexperienced, however my understanding of SGS is that Tuflow will read the DEM elevations from within the 20m cell size and use these elevations in the calculations. By default, it'll then write my output grids at a resolution equal to the half the cell size (half of 20m cell = 10m results). But by using "Grid Output Cell Size == 1", this should be refined back to a 1m resolution. At the moment, my outputs are being returned at a 10m resolution. Is it not possible to obtain a finer results grid when using SGS like this, or am I missing another step? Thanks, Josh
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