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  1. We’ve been asked by a Client to model the effect of this suspended walkway (see attached photos of it during construction) within a detailed 1D-2D TUFLOW model. As you can hopefully see from the pictures, the suspended walkway in question sits inboard of and below the concrete flood walls that run through the town centre. Just to complicate matters further, it also has variable soffit levels along its downstream length. Its effect will need to be represented in the 1D ESTRY model and I’m after some options/ideas, please? Many thanks in advance!
  2. I am having problems with the permissions on our remote desktop machines when trying to use certain MI Tools. If I try to run 'snap_n_trim_cn_xsec_plines.mbx', I get an 'unable to create new table' error message almost immediately. Any ideas what I'm missing? Many thanks.
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