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Dear All,

I currently run a linked Estry-Tuflow model for a river system of about 26km long. A run for a Q100 event crashed without a window message popping up on my screen. I tested this run with minor changes and it did the same.

The error was not indicated in tlf file in 'Log' folder. However i got a 'fort.928' file in 'Runs' folder. I can see the run error was

"forrtl: severe (47): write to READONLY file, unit 928, file C:\TUFLOW~1\ARUPYS~1\YSTRAA~1\Runs\fort.928

Image PC Routine Line Source

libifcoremd.dll 00000000072EBF98 Unknown Unknown Unknown

libifcoremd.dll 00000000072E5D29 Unknown Unknown Unknown

libifcoremd.dll 00000000072CF9DF Unknown Unknown Unknown

libifcoremd.dll 0000000007245ED8 Unknown Unknown Unknown

libifcoremd.dll 00000000072457B7 Unknown Unknown Unknown

libifcoremd.dll 00000000072A9865 Unknown Unknown Unknown

TUFLOW_LINK_iSP_w 0000000180297A72 Unknown Unknown Unknown

TUFLOW_LINK_iSP_w 000000018029626B Unknown Unknown Unknown

TUFLOW_LINK_iSP_w 000000018028E880 Unknown Unknown Unknown

TUFLOW_iSP_w64.ex 0000000140001A0E Unknown Unknown Unknown

TUFLOW_iSP_w64.ex 000000014000471C Unknown Unknown Unknown

TUFLOW_iSP_w64.ex 0000000140002586 Unknown Unknown Unknown

kernel32.dll 0000000077D596AC Unknown Unknown Unknown


Could anyone help to tell the reason casuing the crashing? How can i resolve it?

Your help would be much appreciated.



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Thanks Bill,

Later on that day, the crashing went automatically. One of my friend said that was due to a server problem. Would you have other thoughts?



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Hi Lei

Yes, this would cause this problem as it is a File I/O issue.

If it repeatedly happens at the same point in the simulation then it's probably a bug. If this occurs, please email the fort file and .tlf file to support@tuflow.com.



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