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ArcGIS - Shapefile Error Messages

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I'm familiar with TUFLOW builds using MapInfo, but have recently started building my first Arc based TUFLOW model. It's in the early stages of development but I have run into a problem with the error messages produced. When I bring in the error message .shp it has no data within the attribute table and no points are visible.

I have managed to get around the problem for the time being by using the .csv also produced (this contains both the error message and XY coords so can be easily georeferenced), but this is a time consuming option if it needs to be completed for every model version. I was wondering whether I am doing something fundementally wrong, or whether this is an issue noted by others?


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In my experience the Arcmap + TUFLOW relationship can have its quirks.

So here are my observations -

1. The shapes provided in the empty folder all come with 1 empty geometry and it needs to be deleted.

2. The provided log shapes do a good job of putting a point on every error (ex: a BC outside of the project area). It does not however flag when ARCGIS rearranges its shape structure into a style TUFLOW cant read. This can happen when cutting/redrawing polygons, and for me this is a issue that arises at least a few times for each project. The easiest fix is to simple right-click on the problematic layer in arc and export to a new shape. Now if all your ducks are in a row (Attributes/projections) you should have a working shape file.

3. There are also a lot of quirks with using polygons to edit the elevation model. I wont go into those as there are a few different scenarios i haven't explored. All i can advise is to use TUFLOW_to_GIS to export your .2dm and verify the change before continuing with your model.

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Hi Kevin,

The messages .shp layer should contain point objects with the message contained in the attribute data. I find labelling the points helps to see where they are. If this is not the case can you please email through, the log file (.tlf) for the run as well as the messages layers (.shp, .dbf, .prj, .shx and the messages .csv file) and we can investigate.



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