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Bill Syme

NaNs caused by zero flow widths in HW tables

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If zero flow width values in HW tables (most commonly used for bridges), these can cause NaNs (invalid numbers due to a divide by zero) to occur in the simulation. For example, the HW table below (only the first five entries are shown) will cause this problem. The first three have a zero width, which when interpolated between causes a zero flow width that can result in a divide by zero and a NaN.


59.7 0

59.8 0

59.91 0

60 0.77

60.1 1.28

For the next update to TUFLOW a WARNING or an ERROR message will be included if zero widths occur, and for the 2012 release we'll most likely treat any zero HW width value as something like 0.001.

In the meantime the workaround is to ensure any zero width values are entered as a very small number or removed. In the example above the first two entries should be removed, and the width at 59.91 be set to a small number (eg. 0.001).



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