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ArcGIS - 1d_nwk lines

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I'm trying to add an ESTRY 1d_nwk line beneath an embankment in my 2D domain. I have done this various times within MapInfo and it seems to work fine. However, I'm using Arc for my current model and there appears to be a problem. The model keeps throwing up the following message:

ERROR 1178 - Reading channel network data. Check 1d_nwk layer has correct attributes

Having checked through the layer, I've noticed differences between the empty Arc files compared to those with MI. The "Ignore" column is a text column in MI (allowing you to enter "F" or "T") whereas in Arc this is numeric. Could this be the cause of my issue? If I convert the shapefile to MID/MIF and run the model it works with no problems.


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Hi Kevin,

Are you able to email the 1d_nwk shapefiles and TUFLOW log file (.tlf) for the simulation through to support@tuflow.com?


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