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SMS .tin format

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I have been given a model with the following command in the .tgc:

Read TIN Zpts == file.tin


Are you able to tell me what the command is doing and what the .tin format is?



The command is reading the elevations from a triangulated irregular network (TIN).  The “Read TIN Zpts” inspects the elevations from the TIN, much the same as the Read GRID Zpts inspects the elevations from a gridded DEM. The read TIN zpts supports both SMS.tin and 12D .12da format, in this case an SMS tin is being read.


The SMS. tin format is very basic, essentially this is:

VERT     <number of vertices>

X Y Z of each vertex


VERT     8 !Tin has 8 vertices

    500.0000    1000.0000       0.0000 !x y z of 1st



TRI <number of triangles>

Vertex1 Vertex2 Vertex3


For example

TRI    10 !Tin has 10 triangles

     5      6      3 !triangle 1, connects vertices 5,6,3

Indicates that the TIN contains 10 triangles and the first triangle connects vertex 5, 6 and 3.  The 5th vertex, is the 5th in the order they are listed in the VERT section.  I

A simple TIN is SMS looks like attached post-219-0-51648200-1365578153_thumb.png.


The TIN is stored in the SMS format.  For more information on the file format, please refer to the Aquaveo wiki:



The TUFLOW utility TIN_to_TIN, can be used to convert between the SMS, 12da and vertical mapper .tri format.  For help using the tin_to_tin utility, refer to the following page on the TUFLOW wiki:




TUFLOW Support Team


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