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ArcGIS - Equivalent of MI tools

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I am helping some US colleagues to develop an fluvial Estry model in ArcGIS. I was wondering if there is an equivalent tool as the MI tools for Mapinfo to help visualise the Estry results.



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Hi Mathieu,


We have been working on an equivalent of the MI Tools.  This helps to streamline the modelling process in ArcMap.  However, this does not yet extend to visualisation of 1D results within ArcMap.  I have attached zip files of the current tools for ArcMap 10.0 and 10.1 below.


ArcMap version 10.0 arcTUFLOW10p0_2013-10-AB.zip


ArcMap version 10.1 arcTUFLOW10p1_2013-10-AB.zip


To use you will need to unzip file above, open ArcMap and in the toolbox window, right click and select “add toolbox”.



Navigate to the ArcTUFLOW directory, select ArcTUFLOW.tbx and then choose open (note you can’t double click on this).



This should add the toolbox as per the image below.



The first item “Configure TUFLOW” creates a configuration file based on the map document (make sure you save a map document before running).  When choosing the TUFLOW folder, this should be the folder that contains “TUFLOW”, e.g. if your TUFLOW folder is C:\projects\dummy\TUFLOW\, the folder set here should be “C:\projects\dummy\”.  For the other tools, it will use this location.



Hopefully the other tools are pretty self explanatory!  Please email support@tuflow.com if you have any issues or suggestions.


We have a beta version of a plugin for the free GIS software QGIS which allows you to plot 1D results from within a GIS environment, see here for more details on this:





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A new version of the arcTUFLOW tools (2015-01-AA) is available for download from the TUFLOW website: http://www.tuflow.com/Tuflow%20Utilities.aspx


The updated toolbox includes a new tool,“Load Simulation Input Files”. It reads the tlf file and loads all shapefiles to the Map window. It also applies a common symbology to the shapefiles depending on the file prefix.


User notes are documented within the ArcGIS section of the TULFOW Wiki: http://wiki.tuflow.com/index.php?title=ArcGis_Tips

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