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Pavlina Monhartova

TUFLOW simulation crashes, DOS console disappears, no ERRORs in .tlf file

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My TUFLOW simulation crashes at random with no particular reason. The DOS console just disappears without any pop up notification and there is no error in the .tlf.



This can happen when TUFLOW is writing results out to a network drive and the computer loses connection to the network. This applies to Windows 10, 8, 7 operating system. With Windows XP, the simulation would only pause and restart itself when the access to the network drive is back on. The difference in the behaviour is unfortunately based on the operating system and as far as we are aware we are unable to do anything within the TUFLOW code to handle this situation.

To prevent this from occurring, we recommend you set a local drive as the output drive using .tcf command such as “Output Drive ==”.  If you wish to immediately have the results copied back to the network drive at the simulation end, Robocopy can be added to the end of the .bat file. Example of such batch file is in the attachment.

Should the cause for the crash not be due to the network failure, then please contact support@tuflow.com, attaching the .tlf file.


Kind regards,




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