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What is the best way to model an elliptical culvert?

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I have a large elliptical shaped culvert, what is the best way to model the shape (spreadsheet attached shows the shape I want to achieve)?

The widest point is about a third of the way up the culvert so if I try using the values in the spreadsheet in a csv table I will get the ascending order values error. Is there anyway around this while maintaining the shape?



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Hi there!

The first thing to note is that you've labelled your columns for height and width, but the data you've got in there is Z,X. Rather than a spatial coordinate, TUFLOW needs the actual width of the opening. So what you need to do is look at a set of elevations and establish how wide the opening is at each elevation.

Then as long as your height data is in ascending order from the bottom to the top, things should be good! The width column does not also have the requirement for ascending order (otherwise, as you suggest, you wouldn't be able to have pipes which were narrower at the top than they are further down, so you could never have an arched top).

I've amended your spreadsheet, so the data you supplied is now in columns D and E, and you've got new HW data in columns A and B.

I hope that makes sense! Let us know how you get on.



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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the response. I'm still not 100% certain I've got this right.

I amended columns A+B to add the ground elevation so I am using the Height and Width in columns D+E (read in a table as XZ). Is this right?

Couple things I'm not sure about this though - wouldn't this shape now not match what I am trying to achieve as it is arch shaped rather than elliptical?

Also when I ran the model the 1D-ta_tables check file appears as though it has used my Z column (column D in the Rev3 spreadsheet) as the width of the culvert. Is this right? The culvert should be 5.1m height from a bed level of 2.455 and the widest point of the culvert is 8.5m.


elliptical_culvert_Rev3.xlsx RD_Model_Build_04_1d_ta_tables_check.csv

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