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Disk Write Failures!

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I have recently had a small but notable number of TUFLOW model runs that fail to write the results to disk even though the simulations run through to completion. Sometimes the results stop being recorded half way through model runs and sometimes it is only the maximums that fail to be recorded. Occasionally but not always this is accompanied by a 'disk write fail error' message box in the Windows Task Bar. This is oviously frustating when it happens during longer model runs so is there anyone out there who knows why this happens and who can provide any tips on how to minimize the number of unrecorded model runs?

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These problems are most likely due to network problems. If you are using a network license and/or a network for file management, please see the below. If you are using a standalone license and all files are on your local drive you may have HDD issues.

Network License and/or Writing Files Across a Network:

If you are using a build prior to the July 2007 release, and you are using a network dongle, there is a check for a network license at the end of the simulation just prior to writing out the maximums. If a network license cannot be found, the maximums are not written out, and the simulation ends prematurely. This is the most common reason for the maximums not being available.

As of the July 2007 builds, the simulation won't stop if a network license is not found. It will enter a holding pattern checking every 3 minutes until a network license is once again available so that the simulation is not lost. If you need to keep backward compatibility to a pre 2007 build, the "Defaults == " command should give full backward compatibility to the 2005 and 2006 releases (see manual).

The disk write failure is also very likely to occur as a result of network problems. This most commonly occurs whilst trying to write to the .tlf file across a network. The .tlf file is being continually written to as similar information being displayed to the Console Window is being recorded to the .tlf file. Possible workarounds are: (a) to use the "Log Folder ==" command to redirect the .tlf file to the local drive (the downside to this is that the .tlf file and .tcf file can become separated which is not good for quality control); (:rolleyes: run the .tcf file from the local drive; or © use "Screen/Log Display Interval == -2 or -3" to suppress the timestep display to the Console Window and .tlf file (see manual).

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I've had the same issue happen to me as well on two runs. The simulation finishes and then states "Run Finished", but doesn't write out the final results file for some reason. The last line is:

"Note - Continuing will reset simulation counter."

I am running it off my c: drive and as far as I am aware, the dongle is not a network license. I have enough space left on my HDD, and it only has happened to me a few times.

On another note, I've had a couple of instances where I get an

ERROR 2233 - the -slp setting on the TUFLOW dongle was changed during the simulation

What does that mean?

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