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David Crompton

Problem with accessing Dongle

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We have just received a series of new computers and we having issues with installing mitools. All files are in the correct location and Startup.wor has been changed to C:\BMT_WBM_mitools\mitools, but MI will not access the dongle.

On these machine you can run Tuflow so it would appear not to be issue with access to our network dongle but something withn MI.

Interesting point is this issue has arisen on other computers in the past (not critical for mitools to be working on these machines so never resovled) abut all five machine are DELL's.

Can anyone please suggest any checks that we should do to get the tools working.

Has anyone else had an issue with Dell machines

Thanks David

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Hi David,

I think the issue is you may have the miTools installed in the wrong folder. All the MBX files should be in a folder called C:\BMT_WBM\miTools. They have to be in this folder in order to work. The given 'logged-in user' of the PC must also have read/write permissions to that folder for the miTools to work.

If the above doesn't help, please let me know via my WBM email address and I'll get it resolved for you.

Thanks David.



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