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Surcharging Manholes

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Hi there,

In urban drainage systems it is quite common for manhole lids to dislodge during flooding if enough pressure exists in the pipeline. For example a pressure head of 50mm above the lid level would lift a 50kg manhole cover.

In the new manhole layer (see the TF Empty folder and the 1d_mh_empty.mif/mid), would it be possible to add in a one-way link from the 1D manhole node to the 2D domain to simulate this surcharge flow?

In terms of the energy loss I think the most appropriate equation to use would be the same for the exit loss on a culvert, where the downstream velocity head could be assumed to be zero.

Manholes come in different shapes and sizes, so the user would have to specify the head (relative to the lid level) needed to lift the manhole cover. Also it is reasonably common to see manhole covers welded shut because of this problem, so a true/false flag would be needed to enable/disable the surcharge flow option.



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