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CSV Grapher not working

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Hi all,

I'm having an issue trying to plot CSVs for some 1D channel sections. Whenever I use the "CSV Grapher" tool, it crashes and MapInfo throws up an error.

Attached is a screenshot of the error that is being shown.

CSV Graph Error.bmp

Any ideas on how to overcome this? I'm running either MapInfo 10 or 10.5 and on Windows XP remote desktops.

EDIT: I should note that the "Open selection cross-section CSV in Excel" tool works fine, with the CSVs opening up in Excel.



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Hi Danny,

It will be because your cross-section table doesn't have a fourth 'column', or field, of data associated with it (ie the .Col4 reference in the error message is basically saying the 4th data field doesn't exist) . A standard TUFLOW 1d_tab (or 1d_xs) table will always have a fourth data column, hence why the error is being thrown by the utility. The "Open selection cross-section CSV in Excel" utility possibly doesn't get information from the forth column of data, hence why it works.




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