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Estimating Runtimes and Cell Calculations per second

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Hi All,

I have attached a simple spreadsheet that I use for designing my TUFLOW models (in particular cell sizes). The spreadsheet can be used to estimate TUFLOW simulation times, based on the cell size, catchment area and simulation time (i.e. event duration).

Also in the spreadsheet is an estimate of the numbers of cell calculations per second a modern computer can solve. For an i7 laptop this is ~220,000 cell calculations per second. See the "Cell_Calcs_per_second" sheet for the method used for calculating this based on an existing log file (.tlf).

Hopefully this helps, please feel free to reply with comments.




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Hi Phillip

I have previously used this tool but I can no longer download it. Is it possible to re upload it please? The page seems to have moved when I try to access it


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