TT158: TUFLOW 2023 Release Workshop

Learn about the exciting new features within the upcoming 2023 TUFLOW HPC release

TT158: TUFLOW 2023 Release Workshop

Course Overview

This one day workshop will introduce attendees to the latest and greatest TUFLOW functionality available as part of the 2023 TUFLOW HPC release. It will step through the theory behind the new functionality, provide a general overview of the setup within TUFLOW and also present application of the features.


Topics covered during the workshop include:

  • Numerous enhancements to the industry-changing Quadtree and SGS including: optimisation of SGS model setup, brute force method data processing, breakline detection, high resolution output developments, data preprocessing speed increases and more.
  • New modern GIS input/output formats to enhance workflow efficiencies (GeoPackage and GeoTIFF).
  • Exciting new sub-surface interflow functionality to allow users to route infiltrated flow, providing a long term rainfall response in direct rainfall models.
  • New 2D layered flow constriction theory, research findings and TUFLOW implementation.  
  • New 1D functionality, including a range of operational control structure options, flow matrix channel improvements, arched bridges. 
  • New Advection Dispersion functionality. 
  • and much more...


This workshop is run using a presentation format. It does not include hands-on computer training. If you are interested in hands-on experience using the new features please register for the 2023 release hands-on training event