1. November 2015
    Chris Huxley features in the Fall edition of the 2015 FMA Quarterly Newsletter..
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  2. October 2015
    Programme for the upcoming two day TUFLOW UK Conference 2015..
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  3. October 2015
    Only 6 weeks now until the TUFLOW UK 2015 Conference!!..
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  4. September 2015
    TUFLOW showcased at FMA Conference California..
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  5. September 2015
    2015 UK Conference & Training..
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  6. Sept 8-11, 2015
    More TUFLOW Presentations at 2015 FMA and ASFPM Conference in California!..
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  7. Sept 8-11, 2015
    TUFLOW Presentation: ‘From Drought To Flood’ 2015 FMA and ASFPM in California!..
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  8. Sept 8-11, 2015
    TUFLOW User Workshop 2015 FMA and ASFPM in California!..
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  9. Sept 8-11, 2015
    TUFLOW at the 2015 FMA and ASFPM in California!..
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  10. August 2015
    Whole of Catchment Modelling using TUFLOW GPU..
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  11. August 2015
    TUFLOW Showcased at 2015 FMA Conference..
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  12. August 2015
    TUFLOW FV used in AWA Award winning model..
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  13. August 2015
    TUFLOW used for USACE HEC-FDA Flood Risk Economic Assessment..
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Our flagship 1D network and 2D grid
based software for simulating flood
and tidal flow. TUFLOW’s leading
1D/2D dynamic linking capabilities,
robustness, established performance
and wide ranging functionality.

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11th-12th Nov 2015

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TUFLOW FV is a 2D / 3D flexible
mesh (finite volume) numerical model
that simulates hydrodynamic, sediment
transport and water quality processes
in oceans, coastal waters, estuaries
and rivers.

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TUFLOW AD (Advection Dispersion) is a
module for simulating depth-averaged, 1D
and 2D constituent fate and transport. Both
dissolved and particulate constituents
can be simulated, as can water temperature
via a spatially variable atmospheric heat

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The MapInfo and TUFLOW Productivity
Utilities (miTools) have been developed
specifically to improve the efficiency of
setting up and reviewing TUFLOW© models,
as well as improving the day to day ease of
using MapInfo Professional

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Bill Syme
TUFLOW Manager and Author