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TUFLOW Products is a suite of advanced numerical engines and supporting tools for simulating free-surface water flow for urban waterways, rivers, floodplains, estuaries and coastlines. The TUFLOW engines are technically superior and are industry leaders in solving all the necessary physical processes using 1D, 2D and 3D solutions.

Our approach to developing the TUFLOW engines is grounded on two philosophies:

  1. We develop numerical engines through collaborative efforts with universities and research organisations to ensure they are scientifically of a high standard and are thoroughly benchmarked.
  2. We design software for the rigorous demands of consulting and to interface with third party products. This makes TUFLOW Products useful, efficient, flexible and highly suited to the workplace.

At the core of TUFLOW are three numerical engines:

  • TUFLOW HPC Solver

Each of these engines has a range of additional modules and free utilities to suit a wide range of applications and study requirements.

We utilise third party Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide the modelling environments. This offers significant gains in flexibility and efficiency for users over alternative products, and reduces overall software costs to the user.