Seamless simulation of whole-of-catchment hydrologic, hydraulic, pollutant export and receiving waterway processes

Seamless Catchment to Coast Simulation

TUFLOW CATCH facilitates seamless simulation of whole-of-catchment hydrologic, hydraulic, pollutant export and receiving waterway processes. It supports 1D, 2D and 3D simulation of these process from the very top of catchment to the receiving waterway outlet via accurate numerical simulation of the key physics that drive catchment / receiving water hydrodynamics.

Key Features

Seamless Solver Linkages

TUFLOW CATCH provides a seamless linkage between TUFLOW HPC and TUFLOW FV. TUFLOW HPC is the recommended solution for catchment hydrology and spatially-distributed pollutant load generation modelling. TUFLOW FV is recommended for detailed hydrodynamic, hydraulic, sediment transport and water quality modelling in the receiving waterbody. 

Flexible Licencing

You have the flexibility to choose exactly what engine and add-on modules you desire. There is no need to purchase a consolidated licence based on a sector grouping that we have pre-defined, potentially including modules you do not plan to use. 

Scenario / Intervention Assessments

TUFLOW CATCH has been designed with scenario / intervention assessments in mind. Model interventions in the catchment, such as stormwater treatment, stormwater detention and floodplain/riparian rehabilitation to assess relative impacts on receiving hydrodynamics and water quality.

Fast and Accurate

Using GPU card technology, high-resolution, accurate, long-term, multi-annual simulations in TUFLOW HPC and TUFLOW FV are now a reality.

Whole of System Approach

The TUFLOW CATCH framework adopts a systems approach to environmental problem solving. It has been designed to support bottom-up modelling of detail to answer whole of system questions.  Watch our free webinar for an example application of the tools

Accurate Assessment Framework

TUFLOW CATCH creates an assessment framework that is based on accurate representation of the physical processes driving environmental responses. We have not compromised accuracy by using unnecessary simplifications, such as spatial and temporal lumped assumptions.   

CATCH Module Description

A TUFLOW CATCH module licence enables both the pollutant generation features in TUFLOW HPC, and the TUFLOW HPC to TUFLOW FV automated boundary condition information transfer functionally. It also provides an option for coordinated execution of linked TUFLOW HPC and TUFLOW FV models.

TUFLOW CATCH has been designed to work with TUFLOW's other module licences. You have the freedom to select the modules you need to meet your specific modelling requirements.

TUFLOW module licences are shareable between TUFLOW HPC and FV. If you already own a TUFLOW FV GPU module licence, it can be used with TUFLOW HPC too at no extra cost!


Webinar Recording - TUFLOW CATCH Demonstration

Catchment Simulation

TUFLOW CATCH unlocks TUFLOW HPC features enabling the simulation of constituent (pollutant, nutrient, sediment etc.) generation and transport.

TUFLOW HPC's extreme simulation efficiency allows for high-resolution spatial and temporal definition of the constituent generation and transport. It does not resort to top-down average assumptions to compensate for an inefficient solution scheme. As such, it alleviates many common accuracy issues experienced by alternative simplified solutions that are driven by lumped hydrology. Define representative catchment land uses and intervention features at their actual scale and spatial location within your model, and let TUFLOW CATCH do the rest.

TUFLOW is a quasi-3D solution, with dynamic simulation of surface and sub-surface hydraulics. Definition of both is essential for accurate catchment modelling, due to the fact that dry period flows can predominantly originate from groundwater sub-surface baseflow recharge, rather than directly from rainfall runoff. 


Automated Data Transfer

TUFLOW CATCH automatically links the bottom of catchment TUFLOW HPC predictions (for both flow and pollutant concentration) to the upstream of TUFLOW FV's model domain. It creates a single integrated modelling platform for the user, with no need for manual handling or other post/pre-processing between TUFLOW software. TUFLOW CATCH automatically:

  • Determines the spatial locations where surface and subsurface waters drain to the user defined TUFLOW FV mesh and designates these as inflow locations to TUFLOW FV, and then;
  • Writes the TUFLOW HPC predictions as fully formatted TUFLOW FV inflow boundary conditions files and blocks, either as nodestrings or elements.

Receiving Water Simulation

TUFLOW FV is our flagship software for detailed hydrodynamic, water quality and sediment transport modelling. It is the recommended solution for the detailed simulation of receiving waterbody ecosystem dynamics. Rather than grouping modules into predefined set packages, we give you the freedom to purchase the individual optional feature modules that are necessary to meet the specific needs of your work. Modules include: