The high quality of TUFLOW support is what differentiates TUFLOW from others. We're here to give responsive, useful support provided by our highly experienced modellers and software developers. There's also a wealth of information via our Library, TUFLOW community LinkedIn Group and TUFLOW Wikis for tips and tricks, tutorials and general advice.

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Responsive and helpful support is provided by the TUFLOW team of highly experienced modellers and the developers themselves. We are physically based in various locations around the world, covering all business hour timezones.

When emailing some tips to expedite the resolution of the problem are:

  • Attach the .tlf file, or relevant extracts from the .tlf file.
  • Attach an image or text copy of the TUFLOW Console (DOS) Window.
  • If referring to an ERROR, WARNING or CHECK message, quote the 4 digit message number.
  • If a TS ID appears in the subject of our email replies please ensure this ID remains in the email subject line during follow-up correspondence. This helps us track your requests.

We're here to help, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

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