TT001E: Introduction to QGIS for TUFLOW - Free eLearning

Free eLearning course providing the basic skills required to use QGIS as the GIS environment to create TUFLOW model inputs and analyse simulation results

TT001E: Introduction to QGIS for TUFLOW - eLearning


This free course teaches the essentials for using QGIS to create and modify spatial data layers for TUFLOW modelling. It also teaches users how to view and analyse TUFLOW results using the TUFLOW Viewer through the free QGIS TUFLOW Plugin. No prior knowledge of using GIS or TUFLOW software is required. 

This course is also suited to those using other GIS platforms who wish to use QGIS for result viewing and analysis via TUFLOW Viewer, due to the fact the same functionality does not exist in the MapInfo or ESRI ArcGIS software.  



QGIS Fundamentals and Terminology
The QGIS Interface
Project Files
Opening Files
Layer Symbology (Styling)
Querying Data
Creating Vector Layers
Editing Vector Layers
Importing TUFLOW Results
Viewing TUFLOW Results
TUFLOW Viewer Documentation
Further Learning