Workshops and Conferences

We run regular TUFLOW workshops in Australia as well as biennial UK/Europe User Conferences to showcase TUFLOW functionality and it's application in novel projects. An excellent method to see the latest and greatest TUFLOW functionality applied to real-world problems.

Workshops and Conferences

The development of TUFLOW is driven by interactive participation with our users. We aim to develop software that is directly relevant and solves the challengers that our users face. To help with this, we run a regular series of workshops and conferences to ensure our users are kept abreast of the latest TUFLOW functionality, the benefits and it's application and allow our users to provide feedback back to us and inform the future direction of the software.  


These one-day workshops are led by the TUFLOW software developers who take users through the latest TUFLOW developments from the theoretical background, through internal and external benchmarking of the latest features to the practical applications of the new functionality in real-world studies.  The workshops are an excellent opportunity to get to grips with the developments with TUFLOW as well as hear about the future direction of the TUFLOW software developments.  The workshops also present an excellent opportunity to share ideas with the TUFLOW developers and TUFLOW users.

The workshops are usually held annually in Australia/NZ and alternate years with the TUFLOW UK/Europe Conference in the UK.  

TT158: TUFLOW 2023 Release Workshop

This one day workshop will introduce attendees to the latest and greatest TUFLOW functionality available as part of the 2023 TUFLOW HPC release. It will step through the theory behind the new functionality, provide a general overview of the setup within TUFLOW and also present application of the features.

Learn about the exciting new features within the latest 2023 TUFLOW HPC release

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